1. Why should Brand be registered?

     Branding is a method of proving ownership or identification of an animal.



2. What is a Brand?

     A Brand is any unique design, symbol, word or combination of alphanumeric 

     characters that can help identify livestock.



3. How can a Brand Be Registered?

· A complete Brand Application Form

-  Brand Image that is being registered

-   Location of Brand

-  Farmer Name( name under which brand ownership is registered)

-   Contact Information


· A fee of $10 per year is charged for Brand Registration. Brand 

  Registration is allowed for a maximum time of 10 years.


· After complete Brand Form is submitted. Brand Availability is reviewed 

  on the system.


· The Brand Application process is completed within 7 working days.




4. What is the BLR system?

     The Belize Livestock Registry is a traceability system in which all bovine cattle 

      are registered using its tag number. This system helps in livestock identification for

      Bovine cattle by providing the cattle origin and amount of cattle at a 

      specific farm. This along with the brand registration provide proof of ownership.



5. Where to acquire permits?

     Both the movement permit and the Livestock Movement Form can be obtain 

     at the BLPA office, ALAs assigned for the District  or any of our authorized agents.



6. What are the rules and regulations for transporting Bovine Cattle?

·  Cattle bought must be reported to the ALA so tag number can be 

   transferred and registered under the new owner’s name. If it 

   is not reported it is considered a violation to the traceability 

   system, the buyer and seller will be fined.

·  All bovine cattle must have ear tag prior to movement. Transporting any 

   animal without tag is a violation that results in a fine.

·  Movement to another community or district requires a Movement Permit.

·  Movement within the same community must be reported.




7.  Who should do the tagging for cattle?

      Tagging of animals are made by appointments with ALAS or any 

      other authorized Agent assigned by BLPA.




8.  What to do with animal tag after a cattle is slaughtered, dead or stolen?

     For cattle found dead or being slaughtered the ear tags and buttons must be cut 

     off and handed over to ALA. If the cattle has been stolen, owner can provide the 

     ear tag number so it can be entered in the registry and reported at the checkpoint 

     and people who issue permits in order to avoid movement of the cattle.



9.  When should a bovine cattle be tagged?

     It is important to tag newborn cattle before 6 months or prior to 

     movement. If animal has being tagged and the ear tag was lost. It must 

     be reported and retagged.