Chairman's Address

Dear Livestock producers,


            The year 2015 -2016 was a trying one with many a challenges. Your Committee of Management under Chairman A. Bedran and later my leadership tried diligently to address most issues as they presented themselves, solving some and mitigating others. All in All I think we collectively were able to advance the best interests of all livestock farmers.

            Getting a manageable handle on the Cattle Sweep and the Belize Livestock Registry along with much guidance and assistance from BAHA, MAFFESD and OIRSA was and still is one of our major challenges. We are all convinced that this is a critical component of our industry and insist that all farmers educate themselves on its merits, insist on being a part of and pay up their dues. After all is said and done it is the law. This ensuing year we are hoping to step up our game on the education and continued implementation of these programs.

            Another and equally challenging exercise will be to define the livestock industry and the many models of production that exist, to provide the services required, to provide affordable pharmaceuticals ( vaccines, Wormers etc. ) to assist in sourcing proper animal genetics and feed sources to help us through the dry season and in producing more economic results. Learning the relationship and importance of both genetics and feed is a must as one without the other will just give another "Maliche"

            We plan to focus on marketing with the mind to get the best possible price for our animals whether through integration, value adding, or auctioning as an Association.

We need to establish a live animal grading system so we will be looking at our animals through the same lense and the buyers cannot take advantage. We must work as an industry and stop the division and conquer rule to prevail. Together we can accomplish all these deliverables but it will take removing personalities and operating as a collaborative group, farmer with farmer, the regulatory body, Ministry of Agriculture and all service providers.  The sky is the limit as long as a productive facilitating environment exists.

            Lastly, I would like to give kudos to the COM, Management and all employees of our BLPA for a job well done. And to our Farmers who through thick and thin continue to believe in and support us.